new beginn of the classes middle of september

New beginn of the classes around the 20 september.
2:30pm - 4:00pm meduim 1 & 2
with Gaby and Thierry

19.15 to 20.30 Beginner
20.30 to 22.00 medium 1

with Gaby and Thierry
20.00 bis 21.30 Medium 2

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Every firday
9.30 > 1.00 Milonga querida DJ Gaby or DJ Gast

Beginner evening : 31 of March, milonga to integrat more the beginners. Open to every boddy

Last milonga with beginners May 19th!!

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this friday ,july the 14th , we have no milonga

July the 21th
20.00 to 21.30 practica with Gaby
21.30 to 1.00 milonga querida with DJ Gaby

July the 28th
19.00 to 21.30 practica with Thierry
21.30 to 1.00 milonga querida with DJ Thierry

Sommer holidays from July the 29th to Agust the (…) read more


Festivalito de Mayo 12 > 14 Mai

Week end with Alexis Quezada and Céline Giordano
Musik Live Trio Battistesa / Battaglia / Rolando


Mai 12th to 14th

Alexis and Céline:

"Tango en abrazo closed

We love to dance abrazados. When we dance, we try to do it with calm and delicacy. That our body and that of our partner can enjoy music and movement, without stress, without complications that could harm the dance. It is an action that connects us with emotion.

During classes...

What we try to teach students, is to be calm, calm and even more calm. To worry first about his / her partner, to treat him or her with gentleness. We try to convey the idea of ​​a living abrazo, which can communicate movement and sensations. The movement must be coherent, musical.

We like to analyze the different possible forms of walking, pause, turn, change direction and dissociate by being entwined. "


Friday 12.05
21.30 > 2.00 milonga querida
Live musik with trio Battaglia / Battistesa/ Rolando
DJ Philipp Gerhard (Freiburg)

Saturday 12.05
14.00 > 15.30 Tango: unexplored potentials of the abrazo (AL) creation of energy in and by the abrazo. Towards a deep connection and dialogue in the couple
15.45 > 17.15 Tango: change system with elegance (M) Dissociat with calm and tasty.
17.30 > 19.00 Milonga: calm and fast. Complex movements and traspie without running

21.30 > 2.00 milonga del sabado
show from Alexis and Céline
DJ Thierry Bainey ( Strasbourg)

Sunday 14.05
14.00 > 15.30 Vals: flying in vals!(M)
15.45 > 17.15 Tango: management and creation of energy in every step! (A) Exploration of complex movements in association.

17.15 > 20.00 tango Thé
DJ Gaby Guthmann (Kehl)

AL: all level (from Month )
M: Medium (1 to 4 years)
A: advenced (from 4 years)


1 WS : 26 / 18 *
2 & 3 WS : 23 per WS / 17 *
4 & 5 WS : 21 per WS / 15 *

Milonga :
Friday :
Saturday :
Sunday :

Pass week end :

*workless and studiants


Workshops only on registration by Gaby per
mail :

La Cita, Kinzigstrasse 35,
77 694 Kehl (Germany)

all the WS and evenings milongas will be in "La Cita"
kinzigstrasse 35, 77 694 Kehl (near Strasbourg but in Germany )

Europa hotel
Straßburger Straße 9
Tel.: 07851 99 47 88-0

hotel Rosengarten
Jahnstr. 8, Kehl , Tel 07851 958615

-5% if you come for the tango.

all other Hotel

La Cita
sleep in la Cita on the dance floor. bring your matress.
15 per night with schuwer only on registration


Registration by Gaby by or by telephone to the 0033 (0) 3 88 21 09 96 / mobile 033 (0) 6 05 37 81 25.

The number of places is limited to 12 pairs for the WS, only on registration.
The number of places for the evenings is limited, we recommend you to register.
The inscriptions are validated upon receipt of the regulations. Ask the coordinates in your registration email.