Every firday
9.30 > 1.00 Milonga querida DJ Gaby or DJ Gast

there's no milonga on April the 7th (Encuentro) and no milonga on April the 14th (Easter)

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WS in 2017

Week end with ALexis Quezada and Céline Giordano

January 13th to 15th
Satruday and Sunday WS
Saturday evening show with Alexis and Céline

all the program HERE

Festivalito de Mayo : 12 > 14 Mai

friday 12 : 21.30 > 2.00 Trio Battistesa (…) read more

Saison 16 - 17

13 > 15 january
Céline Giordano & Alexis Quezada
Stephane Debeaupuis ; Sopee Wimmer
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Christmas holidays!!

Christmas holidays have begun !!
There is neither classes nor milongas from December 18th to January 2nd.

I wish you a very nice Christmas time.
May this new year bring you happiness, joy, love and success.
I also wish that it brings PEACE to all of you.

Week end with Alexis Quezada y Céline Giordano

All the program HERE

all ws are complet!!
think to register you for the milongas.

"Tangente" club :

The pleasure of dancing tango, and giving people (gente in Spanish) a warm welcome in Strasbourg-Kehl.

The tango club "Tangente" aims to promote Argentine tango through dance, music and Argentine culture in Strasbourg and Kehl.
With this aim in mind the tango club “Tangente” organizes tango lessons, tango evenings, tango festivalitos in Kehl-Strasbourg.

Adress :

La Cita
35 kinzigstrasse
77 694 Kehl (Germany)

Contact :

Gaby Guthmann
cellular : 00336 05 37 81 25

photos : Guy Meyer