WS program in 2018

4 > 6 mai : week end WS with Alexis Quezada and Céline Giordano
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9 > 11 february : week end WS with Stefan Wimmer and Marian Breedefeld , musicality with Theresa Faust
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No tango during the Easter weekend

No tango during the Easter weekend, from March 30th to April 1st.

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Milonga every friday

Join us to dance tango every friday
21.30 to 1.00 DJ Gaby ( or someone else)traditionel music in tandas and cortinas

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7° Enucnetro milonguero - Kehl -- September

7th to 10th September 2017

Encuentro milonguero Kehl 7°


all the milongas are in the Stadthalle (1) ,grosherzog Friedrich strasse in 77 694 Kehl
(2)Brunch in a restaurant in Kehl

An Encuentro milonguero is a meeting of dancer how likes the tango milonguero style.
here is no WS or show or orchestra.
The musik is organised in Tandas and cortinas

I would especially like that the following "Códicos de Tango" be respected:
*Invitations with Mirada and Cabezeo, we dance in the Abrazo closed (close embrace).
* One's feet and heels remain on the floor.
* we maintain a dance in a counter clockwise direction.
* We avoid changing lanes.
* We advance whenever the space allows (avoiding being "a rock in the stream").
* We respect the space of other dancers and protect the safety of others.
* We especially enjoy it when dancers who are already on the dance floor would signal and allow the entry of those who are waiting to get onto the dance floor, and conversely, that couples wait for this signal before coming onto the dance floor.
* At this encuentro, we hope that you use it as an opportunity to meet and dance with new people.


Thursday 7 September
21.00 > 2.30 Apertura (1)
DJ Paola Nocitango (Noci)

Friday 8 September
14.00 > 19.00 tango Thé (1)
DJ Céline Deveze (Nice)
21.00 > 2.30 Milonga querida (1)
DJ Olivier Constant (Lyon)

Saturday 9 September
14.00 > 19.00 tango Thé (1)
DJ Philippe Gonella (Nice)
21.00 > 2.30 Milonga del Sabado (1)
DJ Silencio Azul (Lisboa)

Sunday 10 September
11.00 > 14.00 Brunch (2)
DJ Gaby Guthmann (Kehl)
14.00 > 19.00 Despedida (1)
DJ Fred2Gap (Gap)

19.00 > 21.00 Meal (1)


Please fill in ONE FORM PER PERSON.

Those who register as a couple and for the whole event will have priority.

Women and men who register on their own are equally welcome. There will be a waiting list, to keep the balance of women and men.

Registration will be open May the 17 at 17:05

the registration are closed, we are complet ...


ich milonga 19
Pass evening : 70 (thursday, friday, saturday evening and sunday afternoon)
pass afternoon : 54 (friday, saturday and sunday afternoon)
Full pass (all milongas) 104

Brunch: around 18
Despedida meal: 15


Europa hotel
Straßburger Straße 9
Tel.: 07851 99 47 88-0

hotel Rosengarten
Jahnstr. 8, Kehl , Tel 07851 958615

-5% if you come for the tango.

all other Hotel

La Cita
sleep in la Cita on the dance floor. bring your matress.
15 per night with schuwer only on registration

Schwanen Gasthof
Hauptst.20, Kehl,
Tel 0049(0)7851 2735
D , WC, TV, PttDj, P

Hotel Schwert
Hauptstr. 51, Kehl,
Tel 0049(0)7851 / 77580
D, WC, TV, PttDj

Ates Hotel-Garni
Strasburgerstr. 18, Kehl,
Tel 0049(0)7851 / 88 56 50
D, WC, TV, PttDj, P

Voxs Hotel
Bahnhofplatz 1, Kehl,
Tel 0049(0)7851 / 994778-0
D, WC, TV, PttDj, P

et tous les autres hotels de la région à l'office du tourisme.
Kehl am Rhein:
0049 (0)7851 88 226

hotel dans le centre de kehl.
hotel autour de Kehl
Pension, chez l'habitant

PttDj= Petit Déjener inclus
P = Parking Privé